Wednesday, July 14, 2010

featured on style Unveiled!!!

I got an email from Yuko { Yuko's Invitation and Thank You Card } saying her wedding was featured on Style Unveiled, and she has enlisted me as her stationery vendor!

It's too bad the menu was already tucked into the napkin so you cant see the whole thing. But it's still very lovely!

I love the letterpressed invitation. I wished the photographer had focused on the two birdies on the bottom of the invite, but i totally understand why it had to focus on yuko and greg's names.

I am very excited to be featured on another website!


Kimberly | said...

Hi Betty~

We here, at Style Unveiled did a complete happy dance when we saw how adorable the menus, invites, and table cards were! Thanks so much for your amazing work :)

Best, Kimberly

Betty Chiang said...

Hello Kimberly!

Thank you so much for such kind words! I love working with brides that have a vision, it's very fun to make all their imaginations come to live. I am very honored and excited to be featured on your website :)


Yuko said...

Loved how everything turned out and came together! Thanks Betty for the wonderful letterpressed invites and thank you cards! I made the table cards and and designed the menus myself. :)

Betty Chiang said...

Yuko did a wonderful job at designing the table cards and menu cards! i cant take credit in that! Yuko is definitely creative and bold with the colors :) I love the table cards! It tied in with the theme perfectly!