Sunday, March 7, 2010


have you seen a layering invitation? it's almost like a deconstructed invitation! it was a lot of fun to make them!

Karen asked me to create something unique, modern and romantic, in a layered design.

the venue she has is gorgeous, it has these two beautiful chandeliers, so i thought why not have a chandelier design as the focal point?

to bring the romance into the picture, i chose peach color in different shades, it match the venue perfectly!

this was only a sample for the bride, i will show you the real invitation soon!

Saturday, March 6, 2010


Jennifer wanted a wedding with everything in squares, including her ring (sort of), cake, centerpieces, votives candles, and of course, invitations. she wanted something simple, modern and elegant, and most importantly, timeless.

groom's little sister designed the monogram for them, she was only 14! how sweet is that? a little tab was created to incorporate the monogram as part of the invitation, rather than an addition to it.

to keep the square theme thru out the invitation, a skinny brown ribbon with black square pattern was added to bring out the color of the paper. 

instead of having her announcement glued to the evenlope itself, a half moon shaped cut was made on both top and bottom to secure the card in place.

rsvp was in a lighter mango color that complimented the warm orange of the invitation.