Wednesday, July 14, 2010

featured on style Unveiled!!!

I got an email from Yuko { Yuko's Invitation and Thank You Card } saying her wedding was featured on Style Unveiled, and she has enlisted me as her stationery vendor!

It's too bad the menu was already tucked into the napkin so you cant see the whole thing. But it's still very lovely!

I love the letterpressed invitation. I wished the photographer had focused on the two birdies on the bottom of the invite, but i totally understand why it had to focus on yuko and greg's names.

I am very excited to be featured on another website!

Monday, July 12, 2010

featured on!!!

Thanks to Karen and Howard {Karen's Invitation } for having me as part of their beautiful wedding. I got to be featured on  the! How cool is that?

Thursday, July 8, 2010

chirp revealed!

still remember the back view of two birds couple months back?

i had a chance to create a pair of love birds wedding cake toppers for joey and johnny a couple months ago, but i didnt want to reveal them until their wedding. they were looking for something cute and cuddly, so i made the birds a little chubbier than they have asked for.  

to give it a little personal touch, i made the groom a little chubbier than the bride, since johnny LOVES food. i put rosey cheeks on the bride to make her girlier to match sweet sweet joey.

i wanted johnny and joey to be able to display the birdies in their house after the wedding, so i made them a little bigger. they were almost as big as the first tier cake... 

isnt this such a cute picture?

(i was told these birdies were a big hit at the wedding!)

birthday celebration

what could be better than to celebrate a birthday carnival style? a birthday card with carnival flags is just perfect for the occasion!

love the way those little flags in fun colors overlapped, so happy, so sweet and so festive! 

yuko - menu

with a limited budget for yuko and greg's reception menu, i did this simple yet cute menu for them. it was printed in color on a flat 4 x 7 heavy cardstock.  

i love the two birdies standing on top of the e and the n, very cute and lovey-dovey, just like yuko and greg :)