Thursday, July 8, 2010

chirp revealed!

still remember the back view of two birds couple months back?

i had a chance to create a pair of love birds wedding cake toppers for joey and johnny a couple months ago, but i didnt want to reveal them until their wedding. they were looking for something cute and cuddly, so i made the birds a little chubbier than they have asked for.  

to give it a little personal touch, i made the groom a little chubbier than the bride, since johnny LOVES food. i put rosey cheeks on the bride to make her girlier to match sweet sweet joey.

i wanted johnny and joey to be able to display the birdies in their house after the wedding, so i made them a little bigger. they were almost as big as the first tier cake... 

isnt this such a cute picture?

(i was told these birdies were a big hit at the wedding!)


Johnny said...

YEA!!!! these are so much more amazing in person..can't wait to put them in our house for everyone to see! it was definitely a hit at the wedding! :D

Betty Chiang said...

thanks johnny, i enjoyed every minute making you chubby :)

keroiam said...

omigoodness, these are toooo cute!!!

Betty Chiang said...

Thanks keroiam! You are so sweet! I love how chubby they are and especially the rosy cheeks on the bride birdie :)