Friday, November 12, 2010

Honey Bear

Julia loved the Honey Bunny card I have created in the previous post (for sale on etsy,, so she asked me if I could create something with Honey Bear. Personally, I HEART embroidery, so I saw the request as an opportunity to express my love.   

I kept the card simple so the cuddly brown honey bear could speak for itself.


I was asked by Toguchi, an established financial advisor to create an appreciation card for his royal clients, he wanted something simple and professional, yet with a little bit of humor. RJ has mentioned to me that the majority of his clients are older female, so he has envisioned the card to have a feminine touch.

I like how simple and clean the card looked, it delivered the message loud and clear. I enjoyed this card so much that I might apply the same concept to deliever other messages!

I was told that the cards had good response from his clients!