Friday, April 23, 2010


i am really excited to post something unique today! i can only post the back view of these lovely friends because they havent not been seen by the public, they will not be debuted for couple more weeks in napa valley!

one may ask "why are these two being introduced on paperiesheep?"

believe it or not, THEY ARE MADE WITH PAPER :)


had a lot of fun working on this layer invitation with chandelier, the colors were sweet and romantic, just like the bride!

i love paper with texture, LOVE LOVE LOVE! it was quite a challenge to trim them to size and have the chandeliers on all pages to line up perfectly. 


the pages are as pretty on its own as layered.

J & J

purple and green is a lovely and popular color combination for weddings, to make it stand out from the rest of the wedding, i picked a handmade paper for this invitaiton. i love the irregular pattern of the purple handmade paper.

to bring out the richness of the purple, i chose a vibrant kiwi green, it add a little bit more pop to the invitation.


the inserts had some green pattern decorating the top so it would peek through the sleeves.


i love an understated pattern, it adds a bit of color yet doesn't crowd the page.