Monday, February 15, 2010

yellow sunshine girl

After all the wedding projects I have worked on, I am finally working on my own. I never really put any thoughts into what style I would have when I make my own wedding invitation, but I knew from day one that it would be YELLOW and letterpressed.

I wanted something simple, happy and a bit silly, something with ME written all over. So I picked up my pen and did a few designs with circles on my bamboo. My favorite was the one with orangic circles randomly overlapping each other. Henry, my fiance, picked the one that I arranged some polka dots into floating flowers in various sizes. My sister (and my matron of honor) picked the one I did by layering different size and thickness of circles into flowers with stems (she thought they were lollipops).

With so many different opinions swaying me, I absolutely couldnt decide which one to be the final one, so I decided to have them all (wouldnt life be so much easier if we could do that whenever we cant make up our minds?).


I loved the random organic circles, they looked adorable to me :) Or maybe simply because i hand drew each one of them

The polka dot flower design is simple and clean

This lollipop layout is very whimsical.

Which one is your favorite?


Emma said...

All three designs are great! My favorite is the Lollipop. So cute~

Emma said...

By the way, I like the results from your new lens. Pictures are much sharper than before. Keep up the good work! : )

Johnny said...

lollipoop cause that's the one i got!

Shiao Ma said...

they're all beautiful!!! nice work!!