Thursday, February 25, 2010


what could be a better invitation for a wedding at a ranch? tree like textured paper! i created this invitation for Kat when she told me she wanted something very rustic and different. i made her invitation with all handmade papers, i like the irregularity of handmade products, the imperfections of them made them perfect in my eyes.

 Kat also asked to have leaves as part of her invitation, so i put them right in the spot light, framed with beautiful textured paper.

even raised the frame a little to bring out the texture.

her table menu was simple and to the point in a bright happy sunshine yellow, just like Kat's personality. next to the menu was the tag on her favor - hot chocolate in a jar, sweet!

love all the intricate details of the leaf!

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Emma said...

Nice work! I love the texture of the paper on this invitation.