Friday, June 18, 2010

Mi Familia

so glad to finally be done with my own wedding, it was so much harder than planning weddings for other brides! i never knew it would be as time consuming as it was... 

 before i have all the details organized, here is this a fun family portrait :) 

i had a lot of fun creating this family cake toppers, they came out so well! i couldnt decide which one i enjoyed more of making, henry or kammie, because i love henry's hair (both hair and facial hair) and kammie's tutu.

(i had no idea who decided to put a flower between henry and myself... it totally took the focus away from kammie's tutu)


Emma said...

lovely cake topper~

celina said...

Hi Betty,

I saw the wedding you coordinated on Stephanie Williams' blog, and was wondering if I could get your email address so I could ask you some questions? Thank you!

Emma said...

Hi Celina,

Betty is currently out of country on her honeymoon. She will be back in 2 days. You are more than welcome to email her with any question you have. Her email address is Take care!

Betty Chiang said...

Hello Celina,

I am currently traveling in Roma right now, but I am returning to the States later tonight. You can reach me either by phone or by email @ 626.823.9044 or What is your email address? I can email you too :)